The right time to workout?

We get asked this question all the time.. when is the best time to workout? And the answer is simple - when you have the most energy to safely workout and most importantly enjoy it!

There is no scientific evidence to say that there is an optimal time to workout to have a higher calorific burn. But in order to get the most from your workout you need to find a suitable time that works around your life. 


There is no point in scheduling your workouts at a time that you despise (i.e. 6am) and be miserable the whole time.. its best to factor it into a better time when you can focus and enjoy this 'me time'. So if you workout best at 6am - then go ahead and smash that workout before the sun rises (speaking UK vibes over here!) or if you prefer a lunchtime session then this is totally OK too. 

If you are unsure on which time is the best for you, why not try your workouts out at different times of the day that best suit you and find out which one you felt you had the most energy / fun with?

Remember exercise should be enjoyable and a part of your life, not a 'chore' or seen as something you HAVE to do. The benefits from exercise are too good to miss - esp as we get slighter older with each year.

What time of day do you prefer your workouts? Let us know!


Bia x 

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