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A lot of debates happen when it comes to working out on holiday. 
For this one there isn’t a right / wrong answer...
If working out is something that is a part of your daily life and it helps you to feel good and function and you’d like to maintain some sort of routine whilst on holiday then absolutely you should work out (again if it’s what YOU want to do). 
If you feel that working out on holiday seems like such a drag and you couldn’t think of anything worse then simply hit the pause button and resume when you return from your much needed break. 
There are a few tips that we have to working out whilst travelling to make it a little easier for you if you don’t want to book that hotel with the added gym option on there - as they can be slightly more expensive. 

Switch up your workout;

  • Try a different style of working out on holiday to help you explore. For example you could incorporate long walks taking in your local surroundings and getting to know the area well. You could also run a route so that you have a bit more of an intense workout and it’s quicker. 

Workout Equipment;

If you don't have a gym in your hotel we would highly recommend packing our bands (shameless plug) they're lightweight and compact making them easy to carry in your luggage/backpack and will help you in your workouts to make it just that little bit more intense. They also come in a pack of 3 different strengths so you could share with a friend/partner for team workouts ;).

When to workout; 

    • When on holiday we're sure you want to be out and about enjoying the day and all the country has to offer (including the ice cream!) so although your normal routine has you workout out at lunchtime, you may want to switch this to mornings so it can be done and 'out of the way' so you can enjoy the rest of your day without the workout looming over your shoulders. 


    Finally, a reminder that holidays are a well deserved break from life. So if working out on holiday fills you with dread, then just don’t do it! You will always go back to it once you are back into your normal routine at home.

    Be kind to yourself always <3

    Bia x 

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